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The Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization committed to representing Roscoe Village businesses and to advancing the growth and prosperity of the Roscoe Village neighborhood. Our organization is dedicated to providing area businesses with all the necessary tools for economic growth and development and to providing a forum for networking and collaboration, in order that we may create a pleasant business environment for the community. The Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce works hand-in-hand with neighborhood organizations, local schools and the City of Chicago to reach a common goal of enhancing the business and cultural environment of the Roscoe Village community.

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View the by-laws of Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce

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Every June, RVCC elects Directors who serve a two-year term. Terms are staggered so that each year approximately half of the Board positions are open. Directors vote to appoint Board officers.  If you’re interested in serving on the Board, contact Melissa Franada, our Executive Director or Chad Jensen, our Board President.

2017 – 2018 RVCC Officers and Directors

Chad Jensen
D Spa
Mike Hall
MedVet Chicago
Kim Matorano
First Centennial Mortgage
Guy Grundhoefer
Dun-Wel Lithograph Company
Lisa Alvarez
Healing Foundations
Frankie Andrae
The Village Paperie
Laura Davis
Kenneth Ludwig
Kenneth Ludwig Chicago
Ron Kinn
Skyline Insurance
Executive Director
Melissa Franada


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Joining or forming a committee is a great way to get involved with the Chamber. One of the best ways the Chamber can support and involve its members is through the formation of committees to address member concerns and interests. If you have an interest in forming a committee please bring it to the attention of the President or the Executive director. Currently we have the following committees:

  • Festival - Ron Kinn, Chad Jensen
  • Marketing - Mike Hall, Kenneth Ludwig
  • WinterFest - Frankie Andrae, Laura Davis
  • Roscoe Retailers - Frankie Andrae, Laura Davis
  • Belmont Business Committee - Lisa Alvarez

The bylaws require that each committee is chaired by a member of the Board of Directors.


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